3 Survival Knives You Need From Blade-Tech Industries

On the lookout for survival knives? Blade-Tech Industries focuses on what their customers need in blade technology.

Survival Knives | The Best From Blade-Tech Industries


Blade-Tech Hunting and Survival Knives

Blade-Tech Industries supply members of law enforcement and the armed forces as well as hunting enthusiasts and survival experts. The company is ever increasing their research and development.

As an American manufacturer Blade-Tech Industries puts their country first and supplies only the best. With this in mind, here are three of Blade-Tech’s great survival knives.

The RipTide Karambit

The Pro Hunter Jr. by Blade-Tech Industries Photo by Alden Morris [Youtube]The RipTide by Blade-Tech Industries is a karambit style knife and rapidly deploys via a lever located on the back of the blade itself. This knife is also assisted by a kicker so the user can easily deploy the blade with the tip of the index finger.


What is a karambit? The karambit can be a blade or folding knife characterized by its curved blade, This knife is often used for close quarters combat.

The belt clip is an ambidextrous belt clip allowing left-handed individuals all the same benefits as right-handed individuals.


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