3 Easy Ways To Make Homemade Waterproof Matches

Learn how to make waterproof matches and never worry about your firestarter getting wet again!

How to Make DIY Waterproof Matches DIY Waterproof Matches

Waterproof matches are indeed an essential addition to your outdoor supplies. A bug out bag won’t be complete without a fire starter gear.

Ordinary matches don’t mix well with wet conditions and being in the outdoors. You can slip and fall into a puddle, getting your backpack wet.

Your tackle box can be knocked into the water by a big fish you reeled in. Fortunately, there is a simple solution — waterproof matches.

You can buy water-resistant matches, but they can be expensive. Good thing there are simple ways to make your own effective wind and waterproof matches that won’t take much of your time and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

1. Waterproofing Matches with Turpentine

Using turpentine is the quickest, safest, and easiest way to make your survival matches water-resistant. You can purchase turpentine in your local hardware or art supply stores.


Turpentine Matches Cup or glass jar Hair dryer Newspaper

Step 1: Pour Turpentine into


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