25 Winter Bug Out Bag Essentials You Need To Survive

These winter bug out bag essentials are your best weapons in the cold weather. Scroll down and check out the items you need to include in your bug out bag checklist!

Winter Bug Out Bag Essentials You Shouldn’t Forget Disaster Preparedness

Preparing for a winter bug out bag is a necessary thing to do since we do not really know what can happen during this cold and gloomy season. It is always best to be totally prepared should the inevitable or the unexpected occurs. The cold and wet introduces a whole new dangerous and potentially fatal consequences. It’s an absolute must to have a bug out bag checklist with all the items you need to survive a disaster. Here is the winter bug out bag inventory you should consider when packing:

1. Hand Axe or Hatchet

Carrying a small axe or hatchet in your winter bug out bag is advantageous, especially when you need to cut wood for building a fire or shelter. It can also be a self-defense weapon when SHTF. Choose a hatchet or an axe that has a forged steel head with sturdy and durable handles.

2. Bivy Sack or Tent

When you’re out for a winter activity such


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