21 Refreshing Redneck Recipes And Camping Food Ideas

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Good food can make all the difference in this world. Its the reason we still go home to momma and the reason we stay up watching cooking shows. The right meal at the right time is so full of power. Now, you might think that these camping recipes are here for a good time and you would be partially right. Learning how to cook over an open fire is something of an art. Like all other cooking. Still, when the world tips over and you are left to survive these great recipes could be what pushes your group through the next 20 miles.

No one can deny that a good meal boosts morale. In survival you need a continuous boost of morale. You need it over and over again. The beauty of the survivor is that one can be strung along by good food and hope when all else fails.

21 Refreshing Redneck Recipes And Camping Food Ideas


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