2019 SHOT SHOW: What Do You Want To See?

‘Tis the season. Tomorrow we embark on that annual pilgrimage to the place where good ideas, money and a savage customer base collide. Of course, we always end up covering a few of the bad ideas as well. The 2019 SHOT Show is the firearm industry’s biggest showcase of the year. In decades past, SHOT was primarily the place where the majority of manufacturer, distributor and dealer business was handled for the upcoming year. If you’ve never been to the show, most booths, especially the bigger ones, have built in meeting rooms carved out behind the scenes where deals are penned. Excitement was built upon new product releases that had never been seen prior to day one of that year’s SHOT Show.

2019 SHOT SHOW: What Do You Want To See?

With the explosion of e-commerce and social media, the SHOT landscape has changed. Sure, deals are still brokered and new products are announced. But much of the ramp up occurs in the weeks prior to everyone arriving in Las Vegas. The crowds now flock to the show to put hands on the actual guns and gear they spotted on Instagram and Facebook sometime after Christmas.

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Originally posted on The Firearm Blog