2018 Precision Rifle Ammo Roundup

The din on the SHOT Show floor regarding buzz about Federal’s new cartridge introduction for this year was palpable. Developed by Federal Premium Ammunition for the small frame AR platform, the new cartridge is capable of remaining supersonic past 1,300 yards while generating significantly less drop and wind drift when compared to other loads in its class.

To accomplish the amazing ballistic feats, Federal took advantage of the ample case volume provided by the .30 Rem./6.8 SPC and necked it down to .224 caliber. According to Federal, the .224 Valkyrie 90-grain Gold Medal Sierra MatchKing (SMK) leaves the muzzle at 2,700 fps from a 24-inch barrel with a 1:7-inch twist, maintaining a blistering 1,950 fps at 500 yards and 1,268 fps when crossing the 1,000-yard line.

The .224 Valkyrie generates significantly less recoil than other cartridges with comparable ballistics, and all at a more economical price.

Federal is performing a full-court press with their new load, hoping the cartridge stands the test of time by initially offering the Valkyrie in four different factory loads: Federal Premium, 60-grain Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint; Federal Premium Gold Medal, 90-grain SMK; Federal Fusion, 90-grain MSR; and Federal American Eagle, 75-grain TMJ.

While the jury might still be out


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