20 Herbal Teas Every Homesteader Should Grow and Use

Is it tea time on your survival homestead?

If you haven’t started growing, foraging, and drinking herbal teas on your homestead, you are really missing out. Herbal teas have unique flavors, and many of them are delicious. Some herbal teas are reputed to have medicinal properties, too.  The majority of these teas are easy to grow or forage, and preparing tea from herbs is quite fun as well. And if you’re going to drink something besides that perpetual pot of lukewarm coffee in your kitchen, it might as well be herbal tea from your own homestead, right?

Let’s look at twenty great herbal teas every homesteader should grow or forage.

Great Herbs To Grow For Tea

Here are ten great herbs that are easy to grow in your garden that make perfect teas. Most of these herbs have other uses, too, so they’ll come in handy in your kitchen.


Every homesteader should have a patch of mint in their garden. Mint is arguably the easiest herb to grow; in fact, if you’re not careful, that patch of mint can overtake your entire garden. It is common to find mint growing wild virtually anywhere


Originally posted on The Survivalist Blog