19 “Old World” Primitive Survival Skills You’ll WISH You Knew Before SHTF

Get to know these primitive survival skills that are tried and time-tested if you wanted to increase your survival odds in emergency situations!

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Importance of Primitive Survival Skills Make Simple Tools from Flint Find Your Own Food and Water Trap for Your Life How to Prepare a Rabbit for Eating Find the Perfect Skinning Knife Make Your Own Knives Make a Knife from an Old Wrench Forging Your Own Weapons and Tools Make Your Own Pack Basket Make Your Own Bow Archery for Beginners Archery Sighting Exercises Bow Shooting in Detail Archery from a Female Perspective Hone Your Fishing Skills Identifying Animal Tracks Staying on Course Without a Map or a Compass Fortify Your Emergency Shelter Going Ballistic Old School Style Primitive Survival Skills Everyone Should Know

Importance of Primitive Survival Skills

As survivalists, most of us are constantly honing our craft and figuring out new ways to put our skills to the test. We do this to keep our minds sharp and to make sure we have the primitive survival skills necessary to survive in whatever situation might come our way.

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