17 Old School Survival Skills You Should Know

Master these survival skills and learn how to stay calm when the situation gets tough and crucial!

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How to Purify Water in Cistern How to Detect Escaping Gas How to Measure with Coins How to Pick Up Broken Glass How to Treat Sprains How to Extract a Splinter How to Remove Foreign Particles from the Eye How to Treat an Animal Bite How to Make a Hack Saw Frame How to Make a Spirit Level How to Use Up Coal Dust How to Make a Fire Extinguisher How to Light a Fire Without Wood How to Pull Out Long Nails How to Cure Chilblains How to Light a Match in the Wind How to Secure Loose Hammer and Axe Head

Few Basic Survival Skills Everyone Should Know The Importance of Survival Skills

Survival skills are timeless and a lot of them come from many generations before us, yet these things seem to fall by the wayside as time goes on. We recently came across a treasure trove of old survival tips from the New York Public Library. These tips are old, but the benefits of survival skills training are endless. So, it might


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