16 Items FEMA Tells You to Stockpile and Why

Those of us who are part of the prepping and survival community tend to look down our noses at the government’s emergency response agency, FEMA. Granted, there’s plenty of reason for this, as FEMA doesn’t exactly have an exemplary record for quick response and cutting through government red tape. In fact, they seem to carry the red tape with them wherever they go. But one thing we forget, is that we owe our own movement, at least in part, to FEMA.

While there are some of us who have been living the survival and preparedness lifestyle for years, most have not. It really wasn’t until FEMA developed the ready.gov website and started promoting the idea of being prepared for a disaster that the idea started to get widespread promotion. They’re also the ones who made the idea of a bug out bag popular, as attested to by the fact that most


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper