145 Self-Sufficiency Skills Every Prepper Should Learn

This set of self-sufficiency skills is essential for either preppers, survivalists, homesteaders, or every flat-out hardworking self-sufficiency freak. It will seem overwhelming at first, but if you plan to go completely off-grid or if you only want to live a self-sufficient lifestyle, you need to start with a few self-sufficiency skills. No one is an expert the first time, but with these self-sufficiency skills, you will find yourself teaching others to be self-sufficient in no time, too!

Self-Sufficiency Skills Every Prepper Must Be Equipped With!

— This post is courtesy of homesteading.com and shared with permission —

Food Preparation Skills 1. Canning Homegrown Produce

How To Dehydrate Food To Preserve Them Photo by Homesteading

Growing your own food will furnish you with fruits and veggies more than you can handle. Preserve them naturally through canning so you can eat wholesomely all year long.

2. Prepare Wheat Without Grinder

If you don’t have a grinder or wheat mill, there are other brilliant ways to prepare wheat. You see, homesteaders are such ingenious fellows, there’s no obstacle we can’t overcome.

3. Baking Your Own Bread

5 Ingredient French Homemade Bread Recipe Photo by Homesteading

Never rely again on grocery store bread with bleached flours or expensive


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