13 Top Survival Skills | Learn Now, Survive Later

These top survival skills could mean the difference between survival and demise for you and your family.

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Food Water Shelter Protection Communication Top Survival Skills Everyone Should Know Food

This includes finding, preparing, growing, and storing food. According to the Survival Rule of Threes, a person can survive about three weeks without food. But just because you can, don’t mean you want to, and going that long without food can be seriously detrimental to your health. To survive, you must be able to procure and store your own food. In the list of survival skills, finding food ranks top.

1. Finding Food

Identify areas with thick vegetation, and the food is likely to be found in these areas. With rich flora and fauna comes an abundance of food from wild game to wild edibles, if you know where to look. Your next step then is to know how to hunt wild game and identify wild edibles.

Wild games option depends on location, but rabbits and other small game can be found (land birds, ducks, squirrels, prairie dogs, etc.) in most locales. Look for areas with thick cover and ample food supply nearby such as thickets immediately next to open crops or food


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