13 Rubbing Alcohol Survival Uses You Need To Know

Rubbing alcohol survival uses—this is among the things a survivalist must know. Rubbing alcohol is one of those things that we always have in our homes. We mostly use it to disinfect. But do you know that rubbing alcohol actually has multiple functions? You will be amazed just how many survival uses it has! Let’s take a quick look at this article and see why we must always include a bottle of rubbing alcohol in our survival kit.

Oddball Rubbing Alcohol Survival Uses When TSHTF 1. Fire Starter

A bottle of rubbing alcohol is extremely flammable and should always be kept away from an open flame. However, this makes it the perfect fire starter!

Just simply squirt very small amounts onto the wood and you will have no trouble getting a fire started in dry weather conditions. I suggest using matches and not an actual lighter as you can just


Originally posted on Survival Life