12 Wild Medicinal Plants You Must Harvest This Fall

When you think of herbal remedies and medicinal herbs modern natural healing may come to mind. Using wild medicine is a key to staying away from the onslaught of modern medicine so sometimes it can seem like a modern answer to good health.

However, medicinal healing is thousands of years old. You should be thinking of Egyptian and even Chinese herbal remedies that are ancient. The use of honey, the use of raspberry, fenugreek, licorice, garlic and acacia are not modern practices but ones that have been in use for thousands of years and beyond.

This isn’t the newest game in town. In fact, the new game in town, the modern medicine hustle or big pharma, is attempting to snuff out these natural remedies to supplement their powdered capsules to the public. Now we face an opiate epidemic that is tearing families apart at the seams and killing people who came to modern medicine for an answer.

The great news is, these natural remedies are still rooted in the earth and they are waiting to be found, again. They are waiting for you to happen by with the knowledge and the desire to turn them into medicine that can help you


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper