11 Weird Ways to Start Fires

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to start a fire. Perhaps you’re out of matches, or maybe the weather is horrendous. Sure, there are plenty of smart, easy ways to start fires, but why be conventional? Over the years, generations of fire starters have figured out some pretty weird ways to start fires. Are they all practical? No. Are they all awesome? Yes. Below is a list of unconventional fire building techniques you may never knew possible.

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How to Start a Fire | Odd Ways to Start Fires 1. Fresnel Lens

Fresnel lenses are all around you, but you might not know it. It is a kind of glass used to magnify light and can be found in some rear-view mirrors. However, the most common place you’ll find one is in any old, large television. Modern LCD and plasma TVs of the last few decades are more advanced in their technology, but older projection sets commonly include a Fresnel lens. Simply remove the lens, and use it as


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