10 Operational and Personal Security Blogs You Should Be Following

The internet is a big place and no matter how much info is collected in one place there is always more to be had from different sources. Even though The Survivalist Blog brings you the freshest and most relevant info on a wide array of topics pertaining to survival, preparation and self-sufficiency, you should still strive to broaden your horizons when it comes to your education.

Below you’ll find 10 blogs that we here at TSB like and recommend. They all offer different presentations and focus on different elements of preparation for the threats you may face. Some focus on self-defense, while others are more concerned with mindset, and still others are generalist, but all of them are providing top-notch info to people like you and me!

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So read through the list and head over to their sites the next time you are cruising for a drink from a different fountain!

ITS has been around for 9 whole years, (that’s practically forever in internet years!) providing detailed information and guides on everything from survival basics and useful


Originally posted on The Survivalist Blog