10 Home Security Secrets from Venezuela

How good is your home security? Would it stand up to the tests of widespread civil unrest, burgeoning crime rates, and a starving population? Jose is back to tell us the home security secrets he learned in Venezuela.

Every country is different, but there are some situations that seem to be universal. I lived for some time in a small and wonderful island in the Caribbean, and I noticed that in some small towns bordering the island there were some extra precautions regarding home defense, mostly grills in their windows and doors.

This said, I will describe a little bit the original home, and what we did to improve safety without feeling like we were living in a birdcage. This was not like most of our neighbors.

#1. Looking Like You Have a Lot to Protect Can Make Your Family a Target

Fortified homes, with electric fencing or razor blades on the top of tall walls, are the first ones to receive the visit of commando-style gangs, heavily armed. They just go to the door and wait for someone to go in or out. Sometimes they even wait outside for one of the members of the family and just kidnap him


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper